so guys, let's talk missionaries for a second.
ever since the announcement in october that the mission ages were changed, it seems that almost all of my friends have disappeared in handfuls at a time. in a nutshell, i feel like a zombie apocalypse took place and i am the last man standing.
at this point, all but two of my greatest friends have left to serve the Lord, and those two just so happen to be my two very best friends.
with Cate leaving to serve in only two weeks from tomorrow, i am going a little insane trying to fit in as many "yolo" moments as possible before she leaves for philadelphia & it's a little bittersweet.
as if sending one missionary wasn't bad enough, my true missionary officially submitted his papers tonight. again, in just two weeks, he will get his call and we will know exactly when and where he will be serving.
the thought of me having to try to get along without them by my side for the next two years terrifies me beyond comprehension.
yes, it has been sad being one of the only ones who isn't on a mission, but it has been even more exciting seeing all of my dearest friends make such amazing spiritual decisions.

for the record - i am now accepting new friends. no prerequisites. what a deal, right?
all of you non-missionaries, let's make a support group for each other & our absent friends.

as for some eye candy for all of you, here are some pictures me & missionary #1 (cate) took on our spontaneous, little drive today.


i'm baaaaaack

guess who's back?

it is 2:45 in the am & although i am slightly delusional right now, i know this shaunie-blog reunion is one that i have been wanting for quite some time. n o t  a  d e l u s i o n .
the previous posts written by the younger shaunie have been sent to the world of drafts so that only i have laughing privileges to those bad boys.

time to start fresh, folks.
i'm back in business & couldn't be more ecstatic.